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Fortune China CSR Survey and Cover Story: “The Dawn of Consumer-Driven CSR in China”

Fortune China AccountAbility cover story March 2010This year’s survey and cover story on Chinese managers’ attitudes toward corporate social responsibility focuses on the role of consumers in driving sustainable consumption in China–and, increasingly, the world. Written by myself and AccountAbility’s Kate Ives, and Shi Yi.

This issue also has great inside shots of a BYD car factory floor.

Read the English version here and the Chinese version here.

Read the 2009 version and 2008 version.


3rd Annual Fortune China CSR Survey and Cover Story: “China’s CSR Change Makers”

Fortune China March 2009 cover ??????????? 2009?3?This is Fortune China’s 3rd annual survey of Chinese business leaders. This year Fortune surveyed 20,000 people using a survey designed by AccountAbility. The cover this year is much more uplifting than last year’s.

Download the full English version here.

The Chinese version is on Fortune China’s website here.


Fortune China: China’s Responsibility Standards

Fortune China Cover March 2008Here’s the Chinese version of this month’s Fortune China cover story on Chinese attitudes toward responsible business practices, which I co-authored.

I took the photos of the article in the back of the cab in Beijing after a lunch meeting with the editors and uploaded them to my flickr account, so I’m sorry if any pages are hard to read.

Here’s a link to the Fortune China site and article.